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4 Places Where Your Brand Identity MUST be Consistent

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Your brand identity is the message your company portrays to the world at large, to your audience or clients. When people engage with your brand, they should know what you do and the value of what you offer.

Your brand identity should appeal to your target market and be consistent in every piece of content you create and across all your social channels and platforms. Consistency is vital because it brings name recognition. When people recognize your brand, they are more likely to engage with your content.

Let's look at the four most important places to perfect your brand identity:

1. Your Coaching Platform.

Yup, if you are a coach, your platform is more important than your website! Your clients will spend more time engaging with your platform than anywhere else. So if you invest time and money anywhere, invest it here! I see coaches spending 3-5K on their website yet hesitate to pay $80 per month for their platform! That's backward. Every aspect of your coaching platform, programs, courses, and memberships, should reflect your brand. If your platform looks dull, this is not only bad for your brand messaging; your clients will not be motivated to engage with it. That means they won't complete your program, refer their friends, or be inspired to purchase from you again.

2. Your Website

Next is your company website. When someone lands on your website, you only have 10-seconds before they decide whether to engage with your site or hit the back button! Your home page should represent your brand identity and communicate what your brand is about, so people will move to explore further, download your free offer, and get on your mailing list.

3. Your Social Media Platforms

Not everyone in your target audience uses the same social media platform for various reasons, so I recommend you have a presence on more than one platform to reach your audience. However, when posting on multiple platforms, if your company name, brand colors, messaging, and logo are different on all your profiles, they may not recognize you when someone hops from Facebook to Instagram. Consistency brings recognition and helps to build trust between you and your clients.

4. Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Contrary to what you may have heard, email marketing is still one of the best ways to keep in touch with clients and sell your programs. The key is to be relevant to your brand message and offer valuable and engaging content. Be sure your email template incorporates your brand colors, fonts, and logo. Don't miss a chance to build that trust between you and your audience.

Other Ways to Be Consistent

It's the little things like your Facebook messages, Instagram DMs, invoices, intake forms, and invoices; brand them!

XO, Shay


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