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Unlock the Secret to a Gorgeous Practice Better Program that Rivals Kajabi's Finest!

Are you frustrated because Practice Better doesn't offer any design templates for your programs? Well, I've got great news for you - you can create your own!


Take control of your program's design and make it truly unique to you. With a little creativity and some easy-to-use design tools, you'll be able to customize and personalize your programs exactly the way you want them.


No more settling for generic templates - now you can create something that truly reflects your brand and style. 

woman for bc web.png

let's get real shall we!

You Don't Need Another Platform!

Hold up! Before you consider hosting your programs or courses on Kajabi just because you're not loving the way they look, let me save you time and money. Trust me, you don't need another platform!


I've got a secret to share: you can create drop-dead gorgeous programs right here on Practice Better. No need to waste your hard-earned cash. Let me show you how to make your programs look fabulous without the hassle of switching platforms.


My signature method for creating drop-dead gorgeous programs!
Canva templates you can use over and over again in all your programs!
A Practice Better program design that rivals Kajabi!

introducing the...

Practice Better Design Bootcamp

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I have to share the Shay Johnson's design course is incredible. I screwed around for two weeks trying to figure things out, then within 3 hours tonight I go almost my whole program designed. Woot Woot!! Highly recommend the Design Bootcamp.


No Design Experience Neccessary!

Create a stunning design template to use with Practice Better. It's easier than you think - no previous design experience needed! With my help, you can ditch the green default Practice Better template to something that knocks the socks of your clients!


When you join the Bootcamp, you'll get access to all the Canva Templates you need to effortlessly set up your programs on Practice Better. It's as simple as that!


All you'll need is a Canva Pro subscription, and you'll be ready to create stunning templates that will make your programs look absolutely beautiful. Say goodbye to the hassle and hello to easy-peasy program setup

Here's What's Included

  • Expert Branding and Design Advice for Programs and Courses

  • Fully Customizable Canva Templates to Use in Your Practice Better Programs - reuse over an over!

  • Fully Customizable Canva Templates to Use to Create Workbooks, Worksheets, Videos and other program/course assets

  • Over 60 Step-by-Step Tutorials Showing You How to Use the Canva Templates and set up your program on Practice Better

  • My Signature Method for Setting Up Programs Modules for Better Client Outcomes

  • Examples of Beautiful Practice Better Programs for Inspiration

  • Unlimited Chat Board Access to Ask Questions

  • Bonus: How to create sales pages in PB, how to brand your protocols and forms!

  • Bonus: Course Creator Social Media Canva Templates

  • VIP Option with Lifetime Access, bonuses + updates

  • Bonus with VIP: 10k Launch Planner

  • Bonus with VIP: Practice Better Programs Refresh Tutorial Bundle (tutorials for all the new updates and changes to PB programs)

Meet Your Instructor

IMG_0161[1739] (1)_edited.jpg

Hey there. I'm Shay Johnson. I teach coaches and practitioners how to create irresistible programs and courses on Practice Better. If you want a money-making program, it all starts with branding and design. Disconnected branding leads to lack of trust and confidence in your product causing poor client outcomes, lack of referrals and lost revenue. At the core, good branding and design builds trust and attracts the right clients to your offer.


Get These Fab Bonuses with the VIP Option

Practice Better Programs "Refresh Tutorial Bundle" so you can keep up with the new PB updates.
bundle ad.png
Launch Promo.png
10K Launch Planner to help you sell your program like a rockstar!
Sign Up

Group Access

Standard Version


6-months access to the program Group discussion board

Live feedback + Support from me via the discussion board 

*Only the pay in full option works with special offer codes.



Private Access

V.I.P Version


Lifetime access to the program

Group discussion board

Regular Program updates (PB changes and you need to stay up-to-date!)

Private VIP messaging + support


*Only the pay in full option works with special offer codes.


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