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Ditch the Coaching Struggle: A Guide to Selling Solutions in 2024

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It seems like everyone and their grandma is a coach these days, making it tough to stand out and snag those clients. But fear not! The key to turning things around is to shift from selling coaching to selling solutions!

Intrigued? Let's dive into why the coaching-only model isn't cutting it anymore and how you can boost your business in 2024.

Why Coaching Alone Won't Cut It Anymore

Let's face it – the coaching scene is packed. Here's why relying solely on coaching might leave you hanging:

  1. Saturation Overload: The coaching market is flooded. It's tough to be the go-to practitioner on the block when everyone's offering similar services.

  2. Income Stream Limits: Coaching means trading time for money. There's only so much time in a day, no matter how premium your rates are.

  3. Hard to Measure Success: When you're selling coaching, you are dealing with something intangible, making success challenging to measure. However, when you sell a solution, that becomes the significant promise you are offering.

So, what's the remedy? Simple. Start selling SOLUTIONS.

Selling Solutions: The What and the Why

What do I mean by selling solutions? It's about reframing the focus. Instead of selling coaching sessions, meal plans, or lab tests, sell a resolution to a problem your client is eager to overcome.

This doesn't necessarily mean you guarantee to cure their health issue; rather, it involves selling the outcome they desire, such as fitting into their wedding dress or enjoying a dinner date with their husband without coming home bloated.

Here's why Selling your Solution works:

  1. Bigger Audience, More Cash: Solutions attract a broader audience, meaning more money for you. Who doesn't want that?

  2. Measurable Results: Tangible outcomes deliver measurable results. Clients love it when they can see the fruits of their investment.

Examples of Solutions You Can Sell

Not sure where to start? Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

  1. Memberships: Set up a VIP club with exclusive content, group coaching calls, and a community vibe.

  2. Courses: Create killer courses that teach specific skills or solve common problems for your peeps.

  3. Programs: Develop step-by-step programs that guide clients to their goals. Mix and match coaching, courses, and other resources for extra awesomeness.

  4. Products: From supplements to digital meal plans, offer products that help clients nail specific outcomes.

Setting up all of these is a breeze on Practice Better! No need for the fancy shmancy stuff – my first online course raked in 100K in its first year, and I did it all using Practice Better to create and launch. Easy peasy!

Tips for Selling Solutions Like a Pro

Here are some practical tips to get you started:

  1. Know Your Crowd: Figure out what your audience craves by doing some market research. Chat up your existing clients – they're the real MVPs.

  2. Roadmap It Out: Once you know what they want, create a roadmap for your solution. Break it down into baby steps, so it's easy for your clients to follow.

  3. Tech is Your BFF: Embrace technology to scale up. Online courses, membership sites, and automation tools – use them wisely, girl.

  4. Test and Tweak: Be open to feedback and willing to tweak your solutions. Your clients are your best guides on this journey.

  5. Build a Squad: A community can do wonders. Create a Facebook group, host webinars, or just be present at industry events. Build that tribe, and the clients will follow.

In a Nutshell

If the coaching hustle has you feeling a bit 'meh,' it's time to switch things up and start selling solutions. Tangible products and killer programs can help you reach a wider audience, make more money, and leave your clients singing your praises. So, grab your roadmap, embrace tech, and build that community – 2024 is your year to shine!🌟

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