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How I Made 100K in 12 Months With My First Online Course

How I made 100k with my first course

When I started my coaching business, like many coaches, I started out with good ol' one-on-one coaching. However, as demand grew, so did my waitlist, it blow up to a consistent 35-40 people at all times.

The problem with only offering one-on-one coaching? It's not exactly scalable.

So, I launched my first online course, the Practice Better Design Bootcamp, and much to my surprise, it absolutely crushed it, pulling in a whopping 100K in just 12 months—without spending a dime on paid ads!

That's the beauty of evergreen courses—craft the content once, and you can sell it to as many people as you want, over and over again.

In this blog, I'm sharing how I created my first 100K course, along with the valuable lessons I've learned on this less-than-perfect journey!

Here's What I did...

Now, you might be anticipating some grand revelation about uncovering a secret code to overnight course success, but the reality is far less sexy and practical than you might imagine. Here's how I did it:

I Listened to My Clients Feedback

I kicked things off by truly tuning in to my clients. Surveying their needs is a powerful tool. I created a course specifically tailored to address their desires. Understanding your audience is key. Avoid the pitfall of creating content that falls short of solving their most significant problems.

I Overcame Limiting Beliefs:

Despite knowing that others had found success in selling evergreen content, I battled with imposter syndrome. The key was tackling mindset challenges and embracing the belief that if others could do it, so could I.

I Confronted My Fears:

I'm not a fan of the whole "show your face" video thing, so I got creative and found other ways to teach my modules without being on camera. If video isn't your jam either, check out options like audio recordings, PowerPoint presentations, or screen recordings.

I Stopped Procrastinating

Taking a more committed approach, I overcame procrastination and established a content creation calendar. Planning, whether jotted down on paper or managed with online tools, is essential. Without a well-thought-out plan, navigating your way to the launch finish line for your program will be challenging.

I Embraced Imperfection:

Ditching perfectionism was a game-changer. Taking imperfect action is way better than no action at all. Your first online course won't be flawless, and that's totally okay. You can always fine-tune it as you gather feedback.

I Built Authority with Free Content

Content reigns supreme for a reason! The right type of content can quickly boost your guru status. As you become the go-to person, trust naturally comes along, and folks prefer to buy from those they trust.

I worked on building my list

Launching with just 45 people on my email list made me realize the significance of building that list. Even if your course takes a while to pick up speed, the beauty of evergreen is that you can keep selling and expanding your audience over time.

I used Social Media:

Selling anything requires buyers (traffic), and social media turned out to be a fantastic tool for getting eyes on my content. Sharing free content on Facebook played a key role in generating interest and directing traffic to my course.

I Sought Divine Guidance:

Call me crazy, but asking for divine help played a significant role. Prayer became a source of strength, providing clarity and assurance throughout the course creation process.

Final Thoughts

Wrapping it up, let me bust a myth for you—creating a money-making course isn't some exclusive club with a secret handshake. It's not rocket science. The trick is to create something so irresistible your clients can't help but jump in.

Don't play it safe, do things differently, and fill in the gaps where your competition drops the ball.

Most importantly, kick those fears to the curb, change your mindset, and commit to making your course a big deal!

XO, Shay

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