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How to Overcome Your Fear of Live Video

Overcoming fear of live video

Alright, here's a little confession: when I started my online coaching biz, the whole live video scene—group sessions, webinars, and all that jazz—genuinely terrified me. I just couldn't shake it off. Then, on a particularly tough day, my biz coach dropped a bomb, suggesting that maybe online coaching wasn't my forte. Ouch, right?

That hit me hard, and for a moment, I was seriously considering throwing in the towel. But guess what? I wasn't about to let fear sabotage my dreams. Armed with a sprinkle of mindset magic and a whole lot of practice, I not only kicked the fear of live video but also built a six-figure business (yep, —live sessions and all!).

How to Get Comfortable with Live Video

  1. Change Your Mindset: First and foremost, tackle that fear head-on with a complete mindset makeover. You've got to make the conscious decision that you can do it. Visualize yourself in the groove of a successful business, loving life. Consider creating a vision board that allows you to see yourself happy and thriving in your business. It's about showing up, even when those nerves kick in.

  2. Roll with the Imperfections: Not every live session has to be Oscar-worthy. Embrace imperfections; they make you real and relatable.

  3. Start Small, Think Big: Dip your toes in with small live sessions or small private groups. Once you're comfy, amp up the audience.

  4. Practice, Practice, Practice: Familiarity breeds confidence. Rehearse your content —makes all the difference.

  5. Shift to Value Mode: Forget the nerves; focus on delivering value. When you're helping, the fear takes a backseat.

  6. Chat it Up: Treat live sessions like a chat with friends. Get the audience involved, throw in some Q&A, and make it a community vibe (this is my go-to!)

  7. Celebrate the Wins: Small wins count. Every successful live session is a victory lap in conquering that fear.

Facing the live video fear is a journey, not a sprint. With a dash of determination, some practice, and a positive mindset, you can break free from fear's grip and build a coaching business that really connects.

XO, Shay

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