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How to Get Noticed and Stay Booked!

How to Get Noticed and Stay Booked

Alright, let's break it down. You've put in the work – coaching certificates, check! Killer content, double-check! A website that's practically turning heads, triple-check!

But here's the deal: you need visibility if you want to get more clients. We're not just talking about being noticed; we're talking about creating a buzz, forming connections, and standing out in the crowd.

In this blog post, we're going to unpack why visibility isn't just a nice-to-have; it's the magic touch that propels you from a constant hustle for clients to being fully booked and highly in demand.

3 Things You Gotta Know
  1. Visibility is Everything: Sure, you're amazing, but if folks don't know you exist, getting clients might be a bit tricky. Visibility is what gets you noticed and fills up your calendar.

  2. Visibility Builds Authority: Visibility is the cornerstone for building authority in your field – it's not just about being seen; it's about being recognized as the go-to expert.

  3. Visibility Builds Trust: Getting visible in your business isn't just about getting traffic (though that is essential!)—it's about cultivating trust. The more you show up, the more trust you build

How to Boost Visibility and Get More Traffic
  1. Collaborate: Team up with influencers, fellow coaches, or anyone who has an audience similar to your ideal client. Guest posts, podcast, or joint ventures.

  2. Host Your Own Events: Plan virtual events like webinars, workshops, or summits. Hosting your own events makes YOU the authority in peoples minds.

  3. Put Out Authority Building Content: Free workshops, downloadable ebooks, and webinars? Heck yes! People love free stuff, and content is a powerful way to showcase your expertise. Plus, it's your ticket to building your list.

  4. Low-Cost Facebook Ads: Don't break the bank. Start small and smart.

Final Thoughts

Carve out some slots in your schedule to make visibility a priority. When it comes to generating traffic, there's no one-size-fits-all approach. The only misstep is not taking any action at all.

The key is to go with what feels right for you. Hate going live on Facebook? Skip it!

Even if you're more of an introvert, there are plenty of other avenues for creating visibility—think Pinterest or diving into blog writing.

Commit to adding chunks of time to your calendar each week. This dedicated time allows you to focus on creating content that not only pulls in more traffic but also establishes you as the go-to authority on your topic!

XO, Shay

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