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Social Media Trends 2022

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Social Media Trends 2022

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Consistent Habit Building & Mindset

Monday: Quote.

Tuesday: Tip / Tutorial (Video Story or Reel). Three Affirmations I Use to Set My Intentions for Each Day

Wednesday: Personal routine My wind-down evening routine (also discuss the importance of planning for tomorrow the night before).

Thursday: Educational (How to break a bad habit).

Friday: Fun! Show your weekend plans, something fun you are doing, and discuss the importance of taking time for yourself.

Saturday: Engagement. Share a photo or a video onto your story, saying “Weekend Vibes” or “This is how I make time for ME.” Invite your ideal client to share their weekend plans with a text box, poll or reply to your story!

Sunday: Sunday thought. Reflect on your week through journaling and discuss how helpful it is for clearing your mind and aligning with your goals.

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