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My name is Shay & I want to help you create your dream program, course or membership!

Are you overwhelmed by the creation or launch of your program, course, or membership? Are you struggling with messaging and building an audience? The good news is, I can help you! I have over ten years of experience in the online space creating, teaching, and launching wellness content for schools, large companies, and individual dietitians, nutritionists, and health coaches. With my help, you can get your signature program ready for launch in the next 30 days!

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My story is no different than yours

Five years ago, I closed my wellness clinic and brought my business online due to relocating. I had been teaching at an online nutrition school and was pretty savvy with course design and creation. However,  launching my own business online was much more challenging than anticipated and led to months of overwhelm. Once I found my secret sauce, other wellness professionals began reaching out to me, asking for help with their businesses. And thus, my coaching business was born. I know it's hard, but if I can do it, you can too! I make a full-time living online without paid ads. If you're sick of feeling stuck, book a Business Strategy Session, and let's chat!

I love to help women rock their wellness business

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walking dead -  lol.


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I love podcasts!

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some of my favorite things...

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Branding and Practice Better Development + design

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